• What happens to a parked car?
    • During the period of social isolation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we observed many cars parked in their garages due to the lack of need to leave home. But did you know that leaving your car parked for too long can lead to more problems than you might imagine? On the maintenance materials page, we provide information about the main issues your vehicle may face when left idle, along with simple tips to prevent them.


  • What care should I take with the brakes?
    • Among the various components of the car, the brakes are one of the main ones related to the vehicle’s safety. For this reason, taking good care of the brake system and keeping it in proper working conditions is crucial. In the maintenance written material section, we provide information explaining what these precautions are and the possible consequences if they are not adhered to.


  • Which precautions should I take with the suspension?
    • The suspension of your vehicle is the main component responsible for maintaining proper contact between the tire and the road, ensuring that torque from acceleration and deceleration is correctly applied. It is also responsible for damping road irregularities, avoiding discomfort and instability for the driver and passengers. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it in good working condition with proper care! In the maintenance written material section, there is information that highlights some of the main problems that may arise, their consequences, and the precautions to be taken with this system.


  • What care should I take with the tires?
    • The tires are the vehicle’s translators, in the sense that they translate all the torques and forces received into motion. The design of a suspension, steering, brakes, engine, differential, and others depend on them, as well as the safety of the driver. Therefore, it’s no surprise that tires should be very well cared for! Check out the maintenance written material section, where there is information detailing some of the main care to be taken with the tires.