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In 2014, the Vehicle Systems Laboratory was established at the Joinville Technological Center, aimed at serving the academic community’s needs and outreach activities related to wheeled vehicles, and it is affiliated with the Automotive Engineering program at UFSC.

What are vehicle systems? Vehicles are divided into subsystems related to their functionality, such as braking, steering, and suspension systems. Common examples of vehicle systems are designed and produced by supplier companies for the automaker, often referred to as Tier 1 suppliers.

In the Vehicle Systems Laboratory (LSV), we work with different vehicle systems, primarily focusing on transmission, brakes, suspension, and steering. Our research and studies range from their influence on vehicle motion, vehicle dynamics, to component design using mathematical and finite element numerical models. The activities we carry out encompass vehicle instrumentation and vehicle testing, modeling for optimized or PID-controlled designs, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, we focus on publishing materials and disseminating fundamental knowledge about vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, trailers, tractors, sprayers, etc.) to the general community, with the aim of promoting the proper and safe use of vehicles.

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