Test Description

Acceleration of the vehicle until the speed for the start of braking. Activation of the brake pedal until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. For more information about the automotive braking dynamics test and simulator, please refer to the Undergraduate thesis work by Student João Paulo Da Costa. Data in the test files includes: time, acceleration, vehicle speed, and brake pedal force. The data has been organized in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis, either using Excel itself or exporting to programs like Matlab or Python, for example.

The measurements are free and available for unrestricted use. We kindly request that you credit ‘Laboratory of Vehicle Systems at UFSC’ when using the material.

The vehicle used in the test is the 2015 Renault Sandero Expression 1.6 16v Sce.

Teste de desempenho de freio veicular

Tested vehicle. Source: Costa (2019)


The graphs generated with the obtained data can be observed below.


The illustration of the test can be viewed in the following video.