Test Description

The objective of the measurements was to measure torsional vibration before and after the clutch in different configurations of torsional damping of the clutch disc. The data refers to measurements of rotation speed (rpm) in the engine flywheel and input shaft of the transmission. The transmission is a one-stage, counter-rotating gear engagement. The vehicle is a light-duty model, 5-speed, with a 1.0-liter engine.

The measurements were taken under wide-open throttle (WOT) conditions, starting from idle speed to the maximum engine speed in second gear. The configurations of the samples in torsional damping on the clutch disc are:

  • Sample 01: Friction of 0.69 Nm and torsional stiffness of 8,80Nm/°;
  • Sample 02: Friction of 0.80 Nm and torsional stiffness of 12,60Nm/°;
  • Sample 03: Friction of 4.51 Nm and torsional stiffness of 8,80Nm/°;
  • Sample 04: Friction of 8.43 Nm and torsional stiffness of 8,60Nm/°.

The data has been organized in an Excel spreadsheet for further processing, whether using Excel itself or exporting it to programs like Matlab or Python, for example.

The measurements are free and available for unrestricted use. We kindly request that you credit ‘Laboratory of Vehicle Systems at UFSC’ when using the material.

For more information, please refer to:

Fernando Flach (TCC)

Modeling of nonlinear torsional vibration of the automotive powertrain