Extraterrestrial Design

In recent years, there has been a renewed quest to explore and discover more information about the Moon and Mars.

In these missions, the first spacecraft are carrying rovers equipped with cameras and sensors to map and identify the characteristics of these surfaces. An example of this is the Nasa’s rover (Mars Perseverance Rover) for exploration on Mars:

The laboratory assembled a simplified version of the rover, based on the DIY Mars Perseverance Rover project. The scale is 4:1 and was 3D printed at the LID. The electrical and electronic components were based on the Arduino platform with electric motors. The rover is remotely controlled by a 10-channel remote control and accompanied by a camera installed at the front.

The project is part of the outreach activities funded by CNPq – Call 36/2022 (From the science park to space exploration, astronomy and astronautics – itinerant exhibitions, popularization and internalization of science) – led by Professor Carlos Mauricio Sacchelli.