One of the reasons for accidents may be due to functional failure of vehicle systems, so it is important to periodically inspect vehicles according to the manufacturer’s manual recommendations. In Santa Catarina, in the year 2022, there were 7,589 accident occurrences with 350 deaths (rollover, rear-end collision, collision, pedestrian accidents, etc.) on federal highways according to data from the federal highway police. Illustrative map of accident locations in SC in 2022:


  • What are crash-tests and what are they for?

Chances are you’ve probably seen videos on the internet or even on television showing cars adorned with dummies similar to those in the safety header above hitting obstacles. But what are these tests for? And how do they work? Visit the written material page on safety to find the answers to these questions, as well as learn what the ‘5-star’ rating of a car means.


  • What should I know when buying my car?

In the process of buying a car, we are bombarded with information about various vehicles, and it’s possible that when faced with this information, you may not have known what to prioritize. We have provided an informative guide on the safety material page that can guide you on the main aspects to check in a car before making the purchase.