Virtual Laboratory of Vehicle Systems


The laboratory is a database for generating educational outreach material in the field of Automotive Enginner. This material covers the basic needs of society, encompassing topics such as maintenance, safety, and operation. Additionally, it can be used for in-depth studies by engineering students and mechanical professionals who use this content in their day-to-day work.

Why is it important to understand about vehicles? In our daily lives, we encounter some difficulties and tragedies. Vehicles that let us down when we need them, high maintenance and fuel costs, news of accidents – both small and highly publicized. But would understanding vehicle systems help improve this situation? Can I comprehend how they work and potentially avoid the risk of breakdowns or accidents?

The laboratory’s work in disseminating this information to the community is based on the premise that an informed user can drive responsibly and safely, understanding the consequences of each action they and others take.


The developed materials are in the form of videos and online or printed materials divided by thematic area.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Operation


The text is referring to in-depth materials or booklets related to various automotive topics such as maintenance, safety, and operation. These materials provide more comprehensive explanations and technical terms for those who wish to learn more about these subjects. You can access these materials below:

Vehicle Maintenance Booklet

Vehicle Safety Booklet

Vehicle Operation Booklet